Below are the most common questions. If you have other questions, please contact us at info@thematica.com. For institutional investors please contact us at ir@thematica.com.

Institutional clients

Other enquiries

  • How can I receive updates about your funds?
    Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for ongoing updates and news related to our thematic funds.
  • How often are top 10 fund holdings updated?
    Top 10 fund holdings are updated once a month with a one-month delay.
  • Where can I find all your holdings?
    We do not disclose all our holdings.
  • How are fees charged from the fund?
    Fees are charged on the daily net assets of the specific fund. The expenses are deducted every day from the net asset of the fund and the NAV declared each day is adjusted for any expenses. Hence, the performance figures on our website are after all fees have been taken out from the fund.
  • Do you participate in IPOs?
  • Do you participate in private placements?
  • Do you invest in unlisted securities?
    It is a possibility. The prospectus defines the scope of permissible investments. The rule is that it should be normally liquid and regulated on a regulated market, nonetheless, there is indeed a pocket of 10% to invest in transferable securities which are not traded on regulated markets.
  • Do the funds have capacity constraints?
    Our investment universe is growing on almost a weekly basis with new listed securities related to our themes. Our capacity is growing with the rapid growth of the industry and capacity is adjusted accordingly.
  • How much does your funds cost?
    Please see fund management fee for each share class at the fund page, ongoing charges are stated in the KID/KIID. This document is available for each share class at the fund page.
  • Does the fund have a subscription/redemption fee?
    The funds have a subscription fee of up to 5%. This means that the subscription fee can also be 0%. Please consult with your bank for the exact figure.
  • Do you meet the companies you invest in?
    As we have a strong focus on smaller to medium size companies, ongoing dialogue with our portfolio companies is pivotal to the success of our funds and represent one of the most important aspects of our investment process.
  • What is the recommended investment horizon?
    Due to the volatile nature of equity investments we recommend investors to have an investment horizon of 5 years or more. One way to handle volatility is by saving monthly, the finance industry calls this investment strategy dollar-cost-averaging.
  • Can I buy the fund even if I don’t find it at my bank?
    Our funds are available on multiple platforms across Europe. If the fund is not available on your platform, please ask your bank if they can buy the fund for you by giving them the ISIN number for the specific fund and share class you are interested in.
  • Why should I buy your fund?
    We do not give financial advice. Please consult with your bank if our funds are suitable for you and your circumstances.
  • How many days does it take for subscription or redemption of funds units?
    Subscription or redemption of fund units that are placed before 14:00 pm on a valuation day shall be executed within 2 banking days as stipulated in the prospectus. Depending on your bank this can take longer, in this case ask your bank.